OCEAN /collage on the wall/

OCEAN /collage on the wall/

Serbia, Macedonia, Greece

Exercise for Typography: we had to design four letters and describe photography which we got from another classmate.

exercise for typography on my erasmus in lisboa: we had to design and made a model of bilingual book. The name of the book is "A Biblioteca de Babel" from Jorge Luis Borges. I decided to use original Spanish language and for second English language. The content is very philosophical, but the main message is infinity of the knowledge, center of the books as a knowledge which is made of parts and each information or book gives you another connection which again gives you new perspectives, new compositions, new opinion,… For my design I used hexagon which is like a shutter and is made of peaces which are covering one above another. It is like learning and reading and extending our knowledge…we are composing our shutter page by page, we are more and more whole.

Exercise for graphic design: promotional object and invitation for conference of designer’s studio Experimental jetset.

Helping with the Chambrette project which was represented in Sou bar in Lisbon. I made a book of impressions which I called HOP-UP book. My flatmate Clemence did an istallation of fingers, which are inviting visitiors to enter the rooms (FINGER ME). Chambrette is calling visitors attention even further, they are part of performance, they are actors.                                                                                

Directors of the project: Laura and Nuno